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What is the Boomla Platform?

Boomla is a web application platform designed from the ground up to simplify web development.

It is also an overlay OS. It runs as a binary on an existing OS providing a new isolated world.

It is a single integrated replacement for an entire stack like the LAMP stack. It provides a filesystem that is also a database, an execution model, users, authentication and authorization, a package manager, a web server and built-in execution engines (interpreters).


What is the Big Idea?

Boomla is an Operating System built on Object Oriented principles.

Boomla files are not like regular files you know from mainstream operating systems. Regular files are just data. Boomla files have types, which bind applications to the files. That's how we land in an object oriented world. Applications implement methods and we can call these methods on the files. One can also think of these files as app instances - similar to class instances in Object Oriented Programming.

Files can also contain other files, as if they were directories at the same time. That way, a gallery can be a file containing image files. No need for global images directory that will inevitably become a mess.

Files can also store file attributes, similar to rows in a database.

It turns out such an object oriented application platform can greatly simplify building websites and web apps.


Getting started

Sign up on then get your hands dirty by doing some of the intros to get a feeling of coding on Boomla.

There was a download-able version which we plan to bring back once there is demand for it. Currently, it lags behind in development as all our users were happy with the hosted version, so we focused our efforts on that.