File types (built-in)

sjs-4Server-side JavaScript engine v4. Run JavaScript on the server in an ECMAScript 5.1 compliant VM.
sjs-4eEmbedded JavaScript engine, a dialect of sjs-4 that is similar to PHP.
sjs-4etEmbedded JavaScript engine, like sjs-4e with integrated Turbo CSS support.
app-1A meta-application that selects the Boomla runtime.
buckets-1Define buckets and what can be placed in them.
contextmenu-1Use this type when creating a contextmenu.
css-1CSS preprocessor to expand URLs and apply namespaces.
css-2CSS module loader: apply namespaces and expand URLs.
css-2-wrapperCSS module wrapper: dynamically generate input for the css-2 app.
html-1A simplified way to write HTML code.
image-1Serve, resize and crop images.
markdown-1Markdown interpreter, returns HTML code.
page-1An empty page app that is rendering its contents.
redirect-301Redirect visitors.
sh-1Shell, a command line interpreter.
static-1Return file body with given Content-Type.
svg-1Serve SVG images.