URL endpoints

URL endpoints for initiating certain user-flows, like logging in a user to a specific website or installing a package.



Visitor login to the Boomla Platform, including your website.
Use the context domain where you want the visitor to log in.
returnUrl - optional
The URL where the visitor shall be returned to from the login-flow.

Install a package

Install a package on a Boomla website.
Domain of the package that shall be installed.

Fork a branch

Create a new website (branch) in an individual website group based on a specific source website (branch). Typically, this is used by template vendors and for writing tutorials. It's like cloning the website except the entire Story of the branch will be cloned as well.
Domain of the branch to fork.

Join the community on a website

Register to a website group using the visitor's Boomla account. The visitor will be able to log in using his/her existing Boomla account or create a new Boomla account.
The domain of the website group that the visitor shall join (register using their Boomla account).
returnUrl - optional
The URL where the visitor shall be returned to after finishing this flow.