Portable code


Turbo CSS intentionally uses as few configuration options as possible. This makes Turbo CSS code portable. In particular, the core Turbo CSS API can not be changed on a per-project basis.

For example, the base set of colors are always defined on every project, with all the predefined shades (50-950). You can redefine the exact color codes but you can not remove them. This allows template authors to depend on them. For example, there are colors like red, brand and link and they will always exist on every project.

When you copy-paste code snippets into your project, these variables will automatically pick up the values you have configured.

The same principle is applied throughout Turbo CSS. For sizes, this means that Turbo CSS does not limit the number of available sizes. You can use any size you want, even 122934785.192374919%. That way, a predefined scale like s, m, l does not need to be configured.


Configuration options

You can configure the exact values for the built-in:

  • colors,

  • fonts, and

  • shadows.