When the Edit tab of the Toolbar is open, this class is added the the <html> element of the page. You may want to apply custom styles when in editing mode.


Make the HTML tag text editable when the Boomla Toolbar’s Edit tab is open. The attribute value specifies where to save the contents of the tag when the user presses the Save button on the Toolbar.

Possible values are:

  • name
  • title
  • body
  • attr KEY TYPE - custom file attribute key KEY of type TYPE. For example, attr foo string

The values will be stored on the represented file - selected by the closest HTML ancestor tag with class="o1-file".

Note that by default, rich text formatting (HTML) is not enabled. To enable it, add the attribute data-o1-contenteditable-format="html".


Enable rich text formatting on an editable element. See attribute data-o1-contenteditable for more details.