Account website

Usually, when a user's profile image or name is displayed, it is a link to the user's account website, which is the primary Boomla website of an account. 

Attribute size

Attribute size is the size of all file attributes after serializing. Data deduplication does not apply here.

Body size

Body size is the size of the file body after serializing. Data deduplication does not apply here.

Boomla Cloud

The Boomla Cloud is the managed Boomla service accessible via

Children size

Children size is the storage space required for storing a file's children and their subtrees without data deduplication. Effectively, it's the sum of the children's file sizes plus a little overhead.


A collection is an ordered list of files, possibly with duplicates.

Community domain

The Boomla community domain is under which anyone can create websites for free.
An example domain for a website created under the community domain:

File size

File size is the storage space required for storing a file and its entire subtree without data deduplication.
See compressed size for the actual space required for storing a file or a website.
Effectively, it's the sum of the file's:
  • property size,
  • attribute size,
  • body size,
  • children size,
  • linked file size for hash-based links,
  • plus a little serialization overhead.
The file size adds up along the tree, thus it is easy to calculate.

Local Boomla instance

A local Boomla installation on a Boomla user's computer.

Playground website

The playground website is a special website that is created (on demand) for each Boomla account to try things. Its state can be easily reset. Do not store important data on it.


A project is a collection of branches.

Subtree size

Subtree size is a synonym for file size, with added emphasis on the fact that it includes the size of its entire subtree.

Tool website

A website that is intended to be used as a tool, that is, to be used to make changes to another website. For example, an image editor could be a tool you use for editing images on your website.

WARNING: the concept of tool websites is deprecated, soon to be removed. You can now safely install tools directly on your website instead of accessing them on a remote domain.


A website is a collection of resources - HTML pages, images, etc. In Boomla, a project branch typically contains a website.

Workspace directory

Refers to the directory outside the Boomla platform, on the host OS, that contains the local Boomla instance. It contains a .boomla directory among other things.