Active state of branch

The current snapshot of a branch.


A branch is a line of development. The branch created first is the master branch while the rest are secondary branches. A new branch can be created by cloning an existing branch. Each branch is accessible on its individual domain. Unlike in Git, all branches are accessible simultaneously.

Check out a commit

Start a new branch from a specific commit.

Clone a branch

Create a deep copy of a branch on a new domain, including its story.

Clone a website

Synonym for cloning a branch.


As a noun: a commit is a saved version of a branch.

As a verb: committing is the act of saving the current version of a branch.

Compressed size

In the context of Boomla filesystems, compressed size is a synonym for deduplicated size.

Deduplicated size

Deduplicated size is the storage space required for storing a file and its entire subtree on disk, with data deduplication applied. Data deduplication is automatically applied by Boomla.

The deduplicated size has to be individually calculated for files, thus you can't just look it up, it is an expensive operation.


Immutable means not mutable, or unchangeable. For example, Boomla filesystem snapshots (versions) are immutable. Whenever you "make a change" to a filesystem, in reality, a new filesystem is created - the previous snapshot (version) remains unchanged.

Integrity check

Integrity checking a filesystem is the act of validating all of its data structures. If the integrity check passes, all data is accessible and intact, no single bit has been damaged.

Master branch

The master branch is the first branch of a project. It can not be removed.

Production environment

The production environment is a synonym for the master branch.

Redo chain

Redo chain is the opposite of the undo chain used to implement undo/redo functionality.

Secondary branch

A secondary branch is a branch which is not the master branch. Secondary branches are typically holding in-progress modifications which will be eventually merged back into the master branch.

Secondary branches are accessible on subdomains of the master branch. For example, if the master branch is at, a secondary branch could be at


A snapshot is a specific version of a filesystem or volume. Snapshots are immutable, identified by a hash.


The story is a list of all commits in a branch. It's similar to an immutable version history, except the story can be edited later, thus it can not rightfully be called "history". For example, you can free up space by deleting unnecessary commits from it.

Undo chain

Every change made to a website (branch) generates a new snapshot. The previous snapshot is added to a list called the undo chain. Hitting undo restores the last snapshot of the undo chain. The length of the undo chain is limited.