Boomla account is created by signing up on


In the context of Boomla, agent means the user agent, typically a browser, identified by an agent cookie. If the agent cookie is not transmitted in subsequent calls, the requests are considered to be coming from different agents.

Anonymous user

A visitor is said to be an Anonymous user when the visitor is not logged in onto the Boomla platform.

Authentication Server

The authentication server is used by agents for single sign-on across the Boomla Platform.

Banned user

See: registration status.


Marker is the user identity used for making changes to a filesystem.
Think of using a colored marker when writing on a paper. Each user has a different color. The colors on the paper identify the markers, which in turn identify the users who made those changes.

Not registered user

See: registration status.

Pending user

See: registration status.

Private branch

If a branch is private, only its owner and users registered to the website can access it through a browser.

Note that registered users still don't have filesystem level access, unless explicitly granted by the owner.

Private website

Synonym for private branch.

Public branch

If a branch is public, everyone can visit the website stored on the branch.

Public website

Synonym for public branch.

Registering to a Boomla website

Using one's Boomla account to access another Boomla account's website and create a user on it.

Registration acceptance

The registration acceptance mode of a website may be invite only, approve, or open.
  • Invite only means only the website owner may initiate the registration of a user.
  • Approve means anyone can initiate a registration, but the website owner must approve it.
  • Open means anyone can initiate a registration, and it will be automatically approved.

Registration status

If you have a Boomla account and you are logged in on the Boomla platform, and you visit a website, you may appear as one of:
  • a not registered user until you initiate a registration,
  • a pending user until your registration request has been accepted or denied,
  • an active user after your registration request has been approved,
  • a removed user if either you or the website owner has removed your registration,
  • a banned user if you got banned.
The website can only see your actual identity while you are an active user of the websiteremoved user can register again, a banned user can not.

Removed user

See: registration status.

System account, System user

Automated changes like system updates are performed by the System account, also referred to as the System user depending on context.


A Boomla user is created when you register on a Boomla website with your Boomla account. All branches of a project share the same set of users.

Effectively a Boomla user is a Boomla account in the context of a Boomla project.

Sometimes Boomla user is used to refer to a Boomla account.


In the context of Boomla, a visit is identified by a visit cookie. A visit is created when an agent is visiting a Boomla website without a valid visit cookie.