Custom contextmenu entries for apps.

Required file type for the .Contextmenu file: contextmenu-1.

All files within that .Contextmenu file will be listed in the contextmenu for files that have a type pointing to the given app.

For example if the app contains the file .Contextmenu/edit with the file title Edit, a contextmenu entry with the label Edit will show up. The entry is a link pointing to .Contextmenu/edit with 2 extra query parameters:

  • path - which is the path of the file for which the contextmenu was opened, and
  • return - which is the full URI of the page where the user clicked the Edit contextmenu entry (including query parameters).

There are no restrictions on the file type of .Contextmenu/edit, but it is expected that the .Request method will be defined on the edit file. This is not currently enforced but may be in the future.