The website of a Boomla application also doubles as its documentation. There is a conflict though: you can’t both store the application logic and its documentation in the root file.

Imagine the app page.boomla.net, with the following files:


Now, to make it behave like an app, you have to set the file type of page.boomla.net to be app-1, and the file .Request will handle responding to requests. That’s all good, except now you can’t have your documentation live in the same place.

The .Docs file comes to the rescue. If a request is made to page.boomla.net, and the .Docs file exists, the user will be redirected to page.boomla.net/.Docs. Please note that .Docs file is not searched for on the type chain, but only directly within the requested file. This way, instances of the app can be served by the .Request file as expected.