2 weeks in review


EDIT 2016-06-14: Updated links, apps are now hosted and version controlled on Boomla itself.
EDIT 2017-04-13: Remove broken links; remove outdated paragraphs

We are 2 weeks in the private beta. This is a summary of what happened since the first release.

Video streaming support - v0.0.3

Boomla sites can now embed videos without relying on external services like Youtube or Vimeo. These embedded videos will never brake due to the videos disappearing from Youtube. Developing offline? You can also play these from your local dev environment. See videos in action in many of the intros.

Shell, JS console - v0.0.4

Want to make quick changes to your site? Now you can download a Shell app and a JS console to do that.


You will find several intros on the Intros page. Some with videos, some without. I’ll try to add more as we go. Those videos are hosted on Boomla itself.


Now there is a Store page, with several apps on it which you can install on your own Boomla sites.



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