Introducing Tools


Websites can now be marked as Tools. A Tool is a special website that can access and edit the websites of the visitor, thus the visitor can use offered features to edit her own website.

Boomla IDE

One such a tool is the just published Boomla IDE (Integrated Development Environment).

Now you can use it to edit your websites without installing anything or leaving your browser! It is optimized for desktop use but it works pretty well from my phone too.


If you were to install developer tools on your site, those could potentially leak your data. As in, the visitor could use them to list your files and open them (with read access). So you may not want to have such tools on your site - but there was no other way till now, which meant you had to install them, edit your site, then uninstall them. Ouch! Besides that it’s a pain, you may have forgetten it.

Tools circumvent this, plus remove the pain.


This opens the doors to an exciting future, where there are tons of Tools out there. Say you want to edit an image. You could open this image in a web based image editor Tool, then save it back directly to your website. I am looking forward to it.



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