Introducing Turbo CSS, the most advanced web-design language


It was about year ago that I've released the new Boomla UI kit. It was very well received and has been a huge adoption driver since then.

The elements look great and you can literally put together a site in minutes. On the flip side, your options are limited. No app can do everything and chances are you will run into a situation where you want to change something that you can't.

Several users have asked me how to change this-or-that. Most of the time, it has been some design tweak. It turns out it would be great if you could add or customize some HTML/CSS code yourself. The problem is, most users aren't CSS experts. And CSS is hard. Really hard.

Turbo CSS changes that.

Turbo CSS started out as the web design language behind the Boomla UI kit. As I started working on the UI kit, I quickly realized I'm not going to make progress with the existing tooling. Fast forward, I've built the first version of it which was only to be used by me internally to make the UI kit work, and now I'm finally rolling out the first public version of it, named Turbo CSS.

It is very well tested, has extensive documentation and you can even use it outside Boomla. Other developer shops are starting to use it as well.

I've made a short video on how to add some Turbo CSS based HTML snippets to your website. You can copy-paste some examples from the Turbo CSS docs to try it.

The next step is to release a HTML-only UI kit so that you have lots of code examples to tweak.



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