Introducing Turbo UI


I'm excited to introduce Turbo UI: a CSS framework and component library built on Turbo CSS.


  • Use the example code snippets in your own projects (copy-paste).

  • Customize the design of buttons, input fields and other complex elements across your website.

That's a topic best shown, not told. In the following video, I'm going to give a comprehensive overview of:

  • Turbo CSS,

  • Turbo UI, and 

  • using Turbo UI on Boomla.




Additionally, as you can also see in the above video, I have also released another UIkit package, namely, that provides Turbo UI building blocks optimized for Boomla.

The main difference between the uikit package and the uikit-code package is that the first is a no-code solution, while the 2nd is a code based solution.

You are absolutely encouraged to tweak the code snippets to your needs, while also retaining the drag-and-drop foundation provided by Boomla.



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